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I offer a whole variety of topics for my workshops or seminars. Listed below are some of my favorite topics often requested by businesses. All workshops are offered in German or English language.

This 60min seminar is presented in 3 parts.

1- How the body breaks down stored body fat and what we can do to support and enhance this process.

2- Phases of Detoxification and how we can unlock the energy potential of our cells with simple and effective actions.

3- Body analysis and measurements, critiquing latest technology to help us track our metabolic health and fitness.

This 60 minutes seminar is presented in 3 parts.

1- Introduction to the fascinating processes of digestion and absorption. How to plan meals to enhance human metabolic processes.

2- Pre training meal planning

3- Post training meal planning

Berlin ABC Area


Berlin Rate

  • Includes 1 hour of presentation
  • Inclusive all expenses.
  • Valid within Berlin ABC transport zone.
German Area


German Rate

  • Inclusive presentation and open time in discussion as well as any accompanying event engagement.
  • Inclusive Travel Time, preparation time.
  • Inclusive resource development or research time.
  • Exclusive Travel Costs (Hotel, Transportation).