What to expect and what not to expect

Private Nutritional Consultations

In the initial consultation we establish what is already known, clarify goals, expectations and priorities. You can expect to receive homework which addresses the priorities we established together. This may be reading and learning further about a specific topic or some basic research. Your homework may include to buy a new food and trying a new recipe which will be an important part of reaching your goal. You will be given one or more recommendations to implement a food as medicine action to be consistent with for at least two weeks before our next meeting.

You will not receive a generic eating plan.

Why not?

The type of Nutritional Therapy I offer is designed to support my clients in using the tools and knowledge they already have, my role is to empower  and nourish this knowledge and add some more tools.

The Nutrition Strategies I develop with my clients are individual, evidence based and built to enable natural, long term improvement.

What is the difference?

I care. I see you and I listen. The successes of my clients inspire me.

I am here to learn from you and share with you.

We do this together.

Value of change


2-months Pack

  • Individual analysis
  • Clarification of goals and expectations
  • Discussion of relevant medical history and experiences with health support
  • Building Nutritional Strategy
  • Create homework (for both of us)
  • Engaging in open questions and discussions

4-months Pack

  • Available 2 - 6 weeks after the Initial
  • Discussion of achieved goals
  • Discuss future progress